What are High Variance Slot Machines?

When playing slots or other online casino games, most players ignore variance, also known as volatility. Their search will be based on theme, graphics, and minimum bet. Sure, nothing wrong with that however not the best way to choose casino games!!

We can play for 500 spins and not get a bonus round or lose our stake for an offer. On another slot, we might get a bonus round every 20 spins for small wins. In reality, what we are experiencing is slot variance, which is what we will be looking at in this matched betting guide.

When choosing online slots, you should also consider variance. But what is variance, and should you seek out high or low variance games? Our guide has everything you need to know.

Understanding High Variance Slots

Understanding online slot variance is critical to getting the most out of your game. This is because it determines a slot machine’s payout and frequency. The Return to Player percentage (RTP) is the amount a slot pays back over a large number of spins. The variance of a slot machine is the payout ratio. Many high variance slots have a similar RTP to low and medium variance slots. If you have a limited budget yet want to win significant sums, there are just two techniques we can recommend: gamble modestly and increase your bet size when you have a large win in an attempt to score an even larger victory.

Low Variance Slots

A low variance slot pays out frequently. You won’t hit huge wins on these slots, but you will hit small to medium-sized wins frequently. The paytable, as well as the regular small payouts, can indicate a low variance slot. Low volatility slots provide hours of fun and are ideal for novices. For example, if the biggest pay-out for 5 symbols is equal to or less than 5x the biggest pay-out for 4 symbols, it’s probably low variance. It’s critical to pick a slot with a level of volatility that works for you and your style of playing.

Why Is Slot Variance Important?

Slot variance can impact the reward and risk of every game played. A slot with low variance and high RTP should be chosen first when placing a bet. Because the EV is tied to the bonus/free spins we get after the initial staking requirement. So we should pick a slot with the lowest risk to our money. If the free spins/bonus has a wagering requirement, we may want to switch to a higher variance slot to increase our chances of winning big.

Knowing a game’s variance also helps you plan your strategy. Knowing a game’s winning combinations allows you to plan your finances properly. This is true if you want to win rather than just have fun. Decide on online slots based on payback percentage – The payback percentage (RTP) determines the return. If you play a specific online slots game regularly, you will increase your chances of getting a specific payback percentage.

Which website – Online slots are best enjoyed when the website is easy to use. Better bonuses, seamless customer service, fast deposits & withdrawals, quick mobile betting options, and more are what make a great gambling experience. People who play for fun – Some people prefer the thrill and excitement of online slots games to the money. If you’re one of them, you’ll appreciate these special features.

Variance determines what slots players play. Volatility is a factor in slot selection. They are choose based on their risk tolerance, budget, and time. Such variables influence a player’s volatility preference. Anyone who plays online slots has to know the slot’s volatility. Risk is a popular term used to describe variance. Gamers’ risk tolerance is determined by variance.