Watch Dogs: Legion Online Game

WATCH DOGS: LEGION allows you to recruit and play as any Londoner you see. In four-player co-op missions, challenges, and events, rediscover London. Private security guards dressed in military garb patrol the streets, preying on the vulnerable. The fate of London is determined by DedSec and the player’s resistance. There aren’t enough private militaries or organized crime! It’s time to leave. Resist the forces that are destroying this once-great city. You, too, do. Londoners, resist! Look for your next recruit. It is your responsibility to assemble the best team for the job. Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Camden, Piccadilly Circus, and Whitechapel are all worth seeing.

The London bombings

DedSec London detects armed intruders attempting to plant bombs in Westminster Palace. The task has been assigned to Dalton Wolfe of DedSec. As in Parliament, unknown intruders attack DedSec. DedSec’s assets are safeguarded by leaving Dalton alone to defuse the bombs. It takes him a while to figure out who is behind the Parliament attacks, but he soon discovers that the perpetrators are an anonymous hacker group called Zero Day, and that more bombs are being planted throughout London. Zero Day kills Dalton on the roof while thousands are killed in London.

Following the upheaval, the British government enlisted the help of Albion CEO Nigel Cass to restore order. Cass vows to use bombs to locate the last DedSec branch. London is in the midst of a social and political upheaval.

Albion has effectively turned London into a surveillance state by combining all of Britain’s intelligence networks into the Signals Intelligence Response Service (SIRS). It restricts freedom and keeps Londoners constantly under surveillance. Albion’s detractors are either arrested or disappear.

Fixes for DedSec

Sabine convinces the city’s CTOS to reactivate DedSec’s Safehouse, and Bagley joins the organization. Sabine hopes that by encouraging citizens to defy oppressors, she will be able to liberate boroughs and eventually discover Zero Day’s true identity.

Kelly Clan

Nigel Cass and Clan Kelley boss Mary Kelley both benefited from the bombings and are taking advantage of the situation. The Metropolitan Police’s Inspector Kaitlin Lau suspected Mary Kelley of human trafficking with Albion and the European Processing Centre. Before Clan Kelley finds former DedSec operative ngel López, DedSec searches for him. DedSec learns that Mary Kelley has been kidnapping people to use as personal servants or to harvest and sell their organs. Inspector Lau meets DedSec just before she is harvested for her organs at Southwark Incinerator. As a result, DedSec saves her and offers to assist her in recovering evidence against Mary Kelley. During this time, DedSec discovers ngel, but he has died. Following the death of ngel, DedSec agrees to target Mary Kelley. They are also conducting investigations in London as they prepare to infiltrate Kelley’s upcoming slave auction.

Larsen, Skye

Desc discovers a new anonymous group called the 404. Sabine proposes an assault on 404 and seizure of its assets. 404 learns she is Nowt and has a connection to DedSec. Nowt recommends Broca Tech CEO Skye Larsen’s presentation at the GBB House to DedSec. Skye is introducing Daybreak, a new project that will use brain-transfer technology to create neural-mapping AI, according to DedSec. Nowt requests that DedSec look into Skye. DedSec discovers the dangers of neural-mapping AI technology while infiltrating Skye’s home and secret underground laboratory. After killing Skye’s mother and dog, DedSec agrees to stop her. Skye Larsen, a neural-mapping AI, is housed in Blume Complex’s Quantum Lab. DedSec has the option of completing Skye’s upload or terminating it, killing her. Broca Tech will disable Skye’s neural-mapping AI, effectively killing her.


DedSec investigates Albion in the aftermath of Skye Larsen’s death. THEMIS, a new project, will allegedly use drones to eliminate criminals before they commit crimes. Despite internal protests that the project is illegal, Cass goes ahead with it. DedSec can delete THEMIS project data with the assistance of Cass’ old pal Hamish Bolaji.

Richard Malik, a SIRS member, contacts DedSec with a Zero Day lead. Infiltrating DedSec in order to make them easy targets for Albion, but Child informs DedSec that Mailk has been lying the entire time. Child and DedSec intend to assassinate Malik at Canada House. Malik, on the other hand, escapes and blows up Canada House, killing Child and blaming DedSec. Malik is now in charge of SIRS thanks to the death of a child. They interrogate Malik about his involvement in the Canada House bombing, but he denies being a member of Zero Day. DedSec conducts an investigation.
DedSec infiltrates a slave auction at Kelley’s. They can deactivate the slaves’ microchips, freeing them from Kelley. DedSec persuades Inspector Kaitlin Lau to let Kelley’s former slaves beat and kill her rather than arrest her, knowing that Kelley will get away with her crimes.


An attempt is made on Nigel’s life while DedSec is settling Mary Kelley. DedSec investigates why his friend attempted to murder Cass and learns that Hamish’s friend was involved. They discover that Cass had completed THEMIS and was about to launch it. DedSec is aware of this and infects Tower Bridge with a virus in order to destroy THEMIS. That would only prove DedSec is a terrorist organization, so they decided against directly attacking Cass, as Hamish’s friend had planned. Instead, they are attempting to discredit Cass. Albion silenced Claire Waters to prevent her from leaking critical information implicating Cass in the bombings. DedSec tracks down Claire’s recording equipment in order to take over London. DedSec and Hamish are responsible for exposing it. DedSec is forced to pursue Cass after publicly opposing him. Cass’ prototype and Cass are defeated at the Tower by DedSec. DedSec mourns and rests for Cass.


Zero Day hacks DedSec and steals their technology. Cass was Sabine’s coworker until he betrayed her in exchange for control of critical technology. Sabine’s goal this time was to avenge Cass, recover his stolen items, and locate other components. Sabine’s plan to use the stolen technology to create a patch that will connect a series of AIs to Bagley is discovered by DedSec. To avoid this, Bagley agrees to be shut down, and DedSec is dispatched to complete the task. When Sabine tried to stop them, they shut down Bagley.


In the end credits, DedSec is cleared and praised for exposing widespread crime and corruption. DedSec relies on Bagley to expose corruption throughout the city and tie up loose ends after restoring him to his pre-Sabine state.