Weekend Booster

Boost your weekend profits with the Weekend Booster!

A portion of your winnings are kept in escrow. We add 0.5 percent of your earnings from our Video Slots, Slots, Live Casino, and Jackpot games to your vault for safekeeping.

The winnings you accrue during the week are automatically paid out to you on the Friday of the following week, just in time to help you enjoy the rest of your week. You’ll also have more control over your gaming budget as a result of this.

What is the Weekend Booster’s purpose, exactly?

You will be paid weekly in arrears for the profits you have accrued. Week 40 players will receive their Weekend Booster payout on Friday of Week 41, since it is given out every Friday after week 40.

Alternatively, you may directly withdraw your Weekend Booster Vault funds from this page at any time by selecting the ‘Cashout’ option if you choose not to wait until the following Friday.

Go to My Account My Weekend Booster to keep track of your account’s activity at any given time. Statistics for the Weekend Booster game are refreshed once each day.

You can stop participating in The Weekend Booster at any moment because it is completely voluntary. It’s possible to withdraw the Weekend Booster’s funds that you would have accrued during the previous period if you opt out of the program.