Top Online Slot Sites in The UK

Find out which online slots have the best bonuses and take advantage of them. The huge selection of online slots can be confusing. We want to help you find the best slot games provided by the best casinos using the best slot platforms.

How to Choose the Best Online Slots

The online slot machine is a virtual casino. The machines use a random number generator to place the symbol on numbers from 1 to 3125. The gameboard comes with 3-7 reels, but some newer products have special features that unlock additional reels. Online slots come in a variety of designs and styles, with simple or complex gameplay options. There were 1.354.33 slot machines in July 2019 and that number will rise.

Why Play Slots Online

Because they allow you to play online slots and video slots from your own home, internet casinos are unique, easy to use and available whenever you want. Slots have been around since we were kids, and now you can play from the comfort of your home. Online features allow players to log in and start playing whenever they want. We could play mobile slots while travelling, relaxing at home or even having a gaming night with friends. We’ll get into this more later, but mobile extensions have remained the most popular online.

Slots Bonuses

If you want to join an online casino, there are many attractive welcome bonuses available. In this crowded market, our casino betting experts pick the standout bonuses.┬áMobile-specific offerings are no longer as common as they once were due to the popularity of mobile casinos. They can only stay around for a short time and only offer a limited bonus. In this regard, almost every casino allows players to earn bonuses on mobile games. All casino games are available online or on mobile devices, so there is no problem playing on a mobile device. It’s possible there isn’t a full game for mobile or online yet.

Top UK Slot Machine Software Providers

What are slot machines? Rarely do players ask this. After all, the average casino patron doesn’t care what the answer is as long as there are fun and exciting (and potentially lucrative) games to try out. Below you will see the most popular gaming software development companies. Many of their games are slots. Their games are so good that players from all over the world seek them out when choosing their casino. So the gaming platforms have special promotions to attract new users. Everyone knows their favorite game. If you haven’t tried it yet, go to

Ash Gaming is a leading provider of online gambling games. Ash Gaming, based in the UK, only offers a few games that are particularly popular there.

Betsoft creates unique and engaging content for the 21st-century online casino enthusiast. Founded in 1999, this online casino software company has only become a major player in the last decade, thanks to its now-famous 3D slots.

Cryptologic, a world-renowned casino software developer, offers online casino software for all games. A Canadian company has developed over 200 online casino games including blackjack and roulette. Cryptologic has been creating software for online casinos since 1996, making it one of the industry’s true pioneers.

Gamesys Group is an online software and gaming company. Gamesys is best known for their social games, but they have also created games for real money in casinos, particularly in Europe.

Leander is a leading games studio with a presence in all major Operators. Our ever-expanding portfolio covers 31 countries.
Leander Gaming is an Argentine casino software developer with a small but highly regarded game library.

Microgaming, once the most dominant name in online gaming, is still a leader, offering hundreds of top slots and releasing new titles every month. Microgaming is an Isle of Man-based software developer.

Some of the world’s largest progressive jackpot machines were created by this Swedish company.

NG Gaming
For the world’s most successful online casinos, NetEnt is the premium gaming solution provider. This Australian online casino software developer has created their own games as well as ported other companies’ titles to the internet market.

Play’n GO
Play’n GO is a Swedish game developer and software provider based in Kronobergs. Some of the world’s largest casino operators use its online gaming solutions. Play’n Go games have been popping up on more and more gaming sites in recent years.

Rival Gaming is a smaller company on this list, but their games are innovative and popular on the sites where they can be found.

Gaming Reel
RTG, or Realtime Gaming, has been in the gambling business since 1998, licencing their software and games to countless online casinos. Their Real Series games have been a long-time favourite.

Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd is the full legal name. In the gambling world, it’s known as Yggdrasil Gaming. Yggdrasil is a relatively new developer (formed in 2013), but their games have a distinct style and beautiful animations that set them apart.

Slots bonuses are becoming more popular in online casinos. All online casinos must have slots. Some go the extra mile and offer customers software from multiple vendors. With new slots being released monthly and casinos ready to offer promotions to entice new players, we can only hope this trend continues.

Future of Online Slots

It is clear that online video slots have a promising future. Virtual reality appears to be a likely future slot trend. Virtual reality headsets are already on the market and will soon dominate it. Online casinos are only now catching up to offline casinos such as those in Las Vegas, which already provide VR casino experiences. Virtual Reality casino games will soon compete with the atmosphere of traditional casinos.

Mobile gaming will expand as well. Most players, according to statistics, can play games on their smartphones. Soon, we’ll be able to use VR headsets to play our favourite video slots on our phones. According to Kiwi Gambler “Online casinos, like all industries, are scrambling to keep up with the internet and technology. Cryptocurrency popularity is growing, as are new e-wallet deposits. Casino bonuses and low-cost deposit options are likely to continue to be a focus of online casinos in the coming years.” We are looking forward to watching the industry evolve in real-time.

Winning At Online Slots