Tomb Raider 3 Online Game

Eidos Interactive’s Tomb Raider III is a third-person platformer developed by Core Design. It is the sequel to Tomb Raider II. The game was released for PC and PlayStation on November 20, 1998. A quest to find 4 meteorite stones scattered around the world follows Lara Croft.

It’s Tomb Raider time again. A new adventure awaits Lara Croft this Christmas. There are also many deja vu moments and memorable episodes. TR3 must be a hit, because Eido’s other titles aren’t doing as well. Likewise, the Tomb Raider form is well worn in the felt, and both the game and the playstation show their age.

Changes with the New Game

Of course, Tomb Raider 3 isn’t entirely new. The huge courses are one of the first things you notice. Core has managed to nuance the otherwise sometimes box-like world by expanding the polygons from square to triangular. The light has also been impressively included, creating a new mood for Tomb Raider. Lara can also learn new moves. Now you can sprint, crawl, and even hang from the ceiling. And her arsenal has grown. There’s the Desert Eagle, the rocket launcher and the heavy machine gun.

The story is grand and mysterious as usual. After a fast meteor destroys forests and wildlife on Earth, scientists discover remnants of it in Antarctica in 1998. Four vital crystals have been lost, and you, like Lara Croft, must travel to exotic locations like India, the South Pacific, Nevada, and London to retrieve them.

To Avoid Spoiling the Story for Those Who Must Play It, It Is Best Not to Discuss It in Detail

First, India. The game’s non-linear parts require completion of these four levels. After India, Core now allows you to choose which course you want to start with. The game gets harder or easier depending on which one you pick first. As a result, the weapons you have on each level will vary greatly. It’s great, but there’s no way to tell if you’re sawing for the first time in the new world, which disappointed me. The move is sound.

Tomb Raider 3 appears unchanged at first, but as you learn the new moves and qualities of the game, small details and ideas emerge. Lara can sprint, which is useful when escaping Raptors or trains. She can duck and later crawl, which is useful for avoiding traps, rolling rocks, and small gaps. Her moves aren’t needed but are quite good.

Sadly, the vehicles have returned. Boats, cars, and motorcycles are back. These initiatives are tedious and seem to be filling in some courses where you don’t do much. They are difficult to control and only occur in short bursts. I had hoped Core wouldn’t take them again, but no such luck.

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