Online Bingo Tips

How to win at online bingo

Although you cannot control the randomness of the bingo numbers, there are some bingo strategy tips that can help you win. . To learn how to win online bingo, one must remember that it is a game of chance, not skill.

Play when fewer players are online.

The more people playing slots, the bigger the jackpot. In bingo, the prize money does not change based on the amount of players. When playing bingo, you want to face as few opponents as possible to increase the odds of winning.

We recommend playing on weekdays, early mornings, or late nights when there are fewer players online.

Purchase more cards

The more cards you own, the better your winning chances. If a number isn’t on one bingo card, it’s probably on another. A pattern on any of the numerous bingo cards is also more likely to be completed.

Know what’s on offer

Before entering a bingo room, learn what prizes are available and how to win them. You can also take advantage of big bingo bonuses when you sign up to a new site. Playing longer with bingo bonus cash or tickets increases your winning chances!

Meet other players

One of the advantages of online bingo is that you can chat to other players. Separate from the main game, there are random prizes up for grabs in the chat room.

If you’re not feeling social, keep an eye on the chat so that you dont miss the announces of prizes and competitions.

Granville’s bingo plan

The Granville strategy is a popular choice among bingo players. It’s so popular that stock market analysts use it to forecast price movements. Following Granville’s basic bingo card check rules increases your winning chances:

Equal numbers of high and low

Having an even and odd number balance

Having the same number ending in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Tactics for Tippett

A less widely used strategy is developed by British statistician Tippett to increase winning odds at bingo. Tippett proposed that the longer a game of 75-ball bingo is played, it is more likely the bingo balls drawn will be near average numbers of 38. In a shorter game, the numbers chosen are more likely to be between 1 and 75.

To use the Tippett Bingo strategy, you must:

When playing short games of bingo, choose cards with numbers between 1 and 75.

Choose bingo cards with numbers closer to 38 for longer games like blackout bingo.

Reputable sites for online bingo

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