Slot Machine Review of Cash Noire

The Cash Noire slot machine is developed by NetEnt and features 5 reels and 1,024 different winning combinations. The game is centered on an unsolved murder mystery and maybe played for as little as 20 pence each spin across a variety of devices. In addition to using an avalanche mechanism in which new symbols replace winning ones and a feature in which you pursue a criminal during free spins, these symbols also undergo a transformation that is shrouded in mystery. As you make your way across the San Cayetano city map, this has the potential to unleash a progressive multiplier for you. In this review of Cash Noire, you’ll be joining Detective Flint.

Cash Noire Slot RTP, Details & Wager Limits

The slot machine game Cash Noire has five reels, four rows, and a total of 1,024 different chances to win. When you obtain three or more identical symbols on neighboring reels, beginning with the first reel, you have a winning combination.

You can gamble anywhere from 20 pence to 200 pounds per spin. There is also the normal Autoplay function, which enables users to pick anywhere from one to one thousand autospins. You can stop the autoplay on any winning combination, if your bankroll increases or decreases by an amount you enter, or if a single win of a chosen amount is achieved by going to the Advanced settings link. If you want to further customize your experience, you can also stop the autoplay if a single win of a chosen amount is achieved.

Cash Noire is a slot machine that has a low volatility and offers you a hit frequency of 21.87 percent, which indicates that slightly more than one out of every five spins will result in a winning combination. The Free Spins bonus round will account for the remaining wins, with the base game accounting for 73.95 percent of all wins (22.11 percent ). The total of these factors results in an RTP of 96.06 percent.

The Free Spins feature is where the bulk of your winnings will come from because it has the potential to apply a multiplier of 10 times. This has the potential to result in winnings that are 1,033 times the amount staked on each free spin.


Bonus Features in Cash Noire

The Cash Noire slot machine includes three different bonus features. Avalanche reels are utilized, in which successful symbols are removed and replaced with fresh symbols in order to provide additional winning opportunities. In addition, there are mystery symbols that can change, as well as free spins that have the potential to award multipliers of up to ten times their original value.

Avalanche Feature

The Avalanche function, which was originally introduced in the Gonzo’s Quest slot game, is utilized in Cash Noire. The snowball effect kicks in as soon as you hit on a winning combination. When a player has a winning combination, the winning symbols are withdrawn from the reels, and new symbols take their place. This opens up the possibility of yet another successful combination. The avalanche will keep going until there are no more fresh wins to be made.

Crime Zone Feature

You will observe that there is a distinct red pattern of hotspots that appears with each rotation. The size of the clue increases from its initial three spots to four and then five when certain clues from the Clue List are triggered. The Crime Zone has a number of winning symbols, each of which activates an item from the Clue List.

Mystery Symbols Feature

There is a safe symbol that has the potential to show up on the reels. When it lands outside of the Crime Zone, it will disclose a random symbol, and it is a feature that appears in both the main game and the Free Spins feature. In the event that it arrives within the Crime Zone pattern, the mysterious symbol will duplicate itself across all of the positions contained within the pattern. This has the potential to result in considerably more substantial wins as a greater number of spots will display the same randomly selected symbol.

Free Spins Feature

The Clue List is a meter that indicates how far along the path you are on the way to accessing the Free Spins feature. When between three and six clues are activated, the Crime Zone grows to encompass a total of four locations. If you activate seven or more clues, the Crime Zone will spread to five different locations. You will begin playing the Free Spins feature with 6 free spins once you have activated all 13 of the game’s hints.

When you trigger the Free Spins feature, the Crime Zone expands across all five positions and maintains its current pattern throughout the bonus round. However, it can move around in an unpredictable manner. You will also see a City Chase map, which will demonstrate the various positions in which the multiplier increases, as well as the various ways in which you can earn additional free spins.

You will be awarded two additional free spins whenever the car hits the maximum number of 13 spots. Once you have reached 7 different sites, the multiplier will rise by 1. If you make it to the very last spot on the City Chase map, the game is over and the multiplier will be increased to 10 times its normal value. You will also receive an additional three free spins. Therefore, the most effective strategy for winning is to hit winning symbols inside the Crime Zone, as doing so causes the car to reach spots that award additional free spins and a growing multiplier.