Grand Theft Auto has caused quite a stir! Why? Well, it’s probably about the game’s clear criminal undertones/overtones. The game revolves around stealing cars, killing rivals, and renting out mafia properties. Isn’t it great? The latest GTA takes place in London, and time has gone back! Why London? I did some research and discovered that London was the place in the 1960s. When “The Krays” (in the game called “The Twins”) ruled the East End, you were a lackey for them! When you refuse to accept calls informing you of your tasks, you are making the streets unsafe!

More About the Game

You can easily navigate the city. Simple: stop a car (or bus, truck, ambulance) and pull the driver out. Yeeeeeeee! Now it’s London in the 1960s, so the cars are nostalgic! From checkered Mini Coopers and James Bond-style Aston Martins to Union Jack-colored E-Type Jaguars… Austin Powers?? No one has ever said GTA is realistic, and the control is mostly about making the biggest markings in the asphalt without you going into the nearest supermarket! However, the way each car responds to your commands varies greatly. A Ferrari is a lot more fun than a classic English Taxi.

The missions are not impossible, but trying to shake off the armor after a new crime is difficult. The cops don’t care if you steal an old truck, but if you murder someone in broad daylight, I guarantee they will! To avoid a trip in the buzzer, be smart and remember where you last saw a garage that can fix your number plate color.

However, despite the fact that the graphics are still broken up into giant pixels when you get close enough, the “top-down” camera angle still works amazingly well in GTA. The fact that buildings occasionally block the view, which almost always goes beyond random spectators, hasn’t changed!!

The pill is unchanged in GTA, so why change it? I disagree with the claim that games like GTA help promote crime. After a while, you realize the cops have more success than you! This should be preventative…! Finally, the soundtrack is as atmospheric as the original, with a wonderful mix of soul, reggae, and flower-power!! “Look no further!!” I can only say to those who loved the original and are looking for a new “fix.”

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